Kuleana is a rustic yet modern tapas restaurant that focusses on providing excellent service at a high standard as well as serving quality foods from local sources. Our head chef, Emmanuel Hardy, specifically designed the menu to meet local yet international interests providing a wide variety of international cuisines inspired from countries like Mexico, Japan, Hawaii, France, Mauritius, Ukraine, USA and of course South Africa.  


Here at Kuleana, we focus on the quality of our ingredients so that our customers consume healthy, tasty, real and organic food. On the rooftop of Kuleana, you can find a greenhouse specially designed for the growing of our very own fruit and vegetables for the kitchens use as well as for the consumer to purchase. Herbs will be grown inside the restaurant as well as in the greenhouse too.

We aim at supporting local farmers for other produce such as meats who make an effort to leave behind a green footprint, therefore all our red meats, poultry and fish are free range.

Being sustainable is at its most importance to us at Kuleana which is why we have a large glass roof to make use of natural sunlight, you can find many of our décor items or recycled or reused bottles or jars.


The friendly staff at Kuleana visits The Haven Shelter to donate all our leftover food at the end of every week. We also speak to them about how they can be more sustainable by simply recycling paper, cans and glass. Once a month we like to visit local primary schools to spread the word and encourage the younger generation on the cons of not using organic foods and also, how to be more sustainable at home and at school. The youth is our future, therefore we feel it is our responsibility to lead by example to ensure a healthy and strong future for our planet.